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The Instacart guide to Greco di Tufo

Greco di Tufo is a DOCG wine from the Campania region in Italy. A white wine made from the Greco di Tufo grape, no discussion of the white wine scene is complete without a nod to this classic Italian variety. White wine is made from a pale flesh grape which gives the drink a pale color once it's ready to be served. There is little skin and stem contact, which gives it a distinctive clear color.

White wine has a long history of being enjoyed as a sweet drink and as an alternative to the richer, more bitter tones of red wines. White grapes usually need a cooler temperature to thrive, so northern Europe leads in its production. White wine production can be categorized into different types, including dry white wine, which has little or no residual sugar, and sweet white wine, which has a sweeter taste due to its higher sugar content resulting from the fermentation being stopped to keep the natural sugars.

Another type of white wine, sparkling white wine, is created when carbon dioxide is added to the wine. When the wine goes through a final fermentation, the carbon dioxide is left inside the bottle. Finally, fortified white wine has alcohol added to the wine's own natural alcohol content produced during fermentation.

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FAQs about Greco di Tufo

White wines are best served at a chillier temperature ranging from 38-45°F or 3-7°C.

White wine can also be enjoyed to give an extra kick to your dishes. Thanks to its acidity and dryness, it balances the richness and heaviness of fats, cream sauces, and meats. It's best to use a dry white wine with high acidity for cooking.