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About rib steak

Rib steak, also called tomahawk steak or bone-in rib-eye, is cut from the rib primal. These cuts have the rib bone attached and are essentially a beef rib roast that has been cut into steaks. The terms "rib steak" and "rib-eye steak" are often used interchangeably, which is understandable since they are essentially the same cut. However, where rib steak contains the rib bone, rib-eye steak is essentially a rib steak with the bone removed. The name "rib-eye" means "eye of the rib," which refers to the fact that it's the center best portion of the rib steak. 

Debates about whether the steak tastes better with the rib bone still attached or removed are ongoing, and the answer to the question is probably that it's a matter of subjective taste. Those who vote for rib steak state that leaving the bone in makes for a tastier and juicier piece of meat. Regardless of whether the bone is left in or not, this cut of beef has good marbling and is exquisitely tender and flavorful. 

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