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About Rome Beauty apples

Rome Beauty apples are a popular variety of apples that was first bred in the United States. Today, you can find Rome Beauty apples across the globe.

This type of apple was first grown on the banks of the Ohio River in Rome Township, Ohio. It was initially named after the family of the boy that first cultivated it, Gillett's Seedling, but was later renamed Rome Beauty in honor of its hometown.

Rome Beauty apples are round in shape, red in color, and have thick, glossy skin. Their flavor is mild, without any strong sweet, tart, or flashy tastes, unlike many other types of apples. Rome Beauty apples are not popular as a snacking apple, but they're incredibly popular for baking and cooking.

When cooking Rome Beauty apples, their flavor is enhanced. Because of Rome Beauty apples' thick and dense composition, they also hold their shape well when cooked. The flavors of Rome Beauty apples pair well with maple syrup, currants, pork chops, pecans, and Italian sausage.

Rome Beauty apples are regarded as the queen of baking apples. They're perfect for recipes like cinnamon apple cake, apple compote, rum raisin apple cake, chicken Asian salad, puff pastry apple purses, and peach apple fruit tarts.

Try chopping Rome Beauty apples and adding them to a quiche. You can also roast Rome Beauty apples with potatoes, carrots, meat, or fish. These apples are even suitable for frying and roasting.

If you want to make a flavorful pancake batter or tart, dice up your Rome Beauty apples. You can also make sauces or soups from Rome Beauty apples when you slow-cook and puree them.

When cooking Rome Beauty apples, they become sweeter and richer in flavor. Their thick flesh also holds its shape, which is why meat pies and cookies are excellent recipes to try with your Rome Beauty apples.

Rome Beauty Apples Near Me

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FAQs About Rome Beauty Apples

You can find rich amounts of soluble fiber in Rome Beauty apples. That is why this fruit is easily digested and can increase your energy. Additionally, Rome Beauty apples contain about 60 calories, making them a low-calorie ingredient to add to your favorite baked goods or entrees.

This apple additionally offers zinc to aid your immune system; potassium for blood pressure regulation; calcium for bone health; vitamin C for the growth, development, and repair of tissue; vitamin B6 for potential improvement in mood and depression symptoms; vitamin B12 for nerve and blood cell health; niacin to lower cholesterol; pantothenic acid for energy; vitamin A for healthy vision; iron for energy and focus; and boron for healthy muscles.

Homemade applesauce is a tasty treat. If you want to create your own applesauce, try using Rome Beauty apples. These apples are among the best types for making applesauce. Combining Rome Beauty apples with sweet, soft, robust apples for homemade applesauce will offer an excellent balance of flavors. Try mixing Rome Beauty apples with Cortland, Winter Banana, or Gravenstein apples to make your applesauce special.
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