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Opal Apples Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to Opal apples

About Opal apples

The Institute of Experimental Botany in Prague and FruitSelect combined forces to create the Opal apple in 1999. The Opal apple was cultivated by crossing the Golden Delicious and Topaz apples. Opal apples are unique in the apple world. They are bright yellow and have a sweet, tangy taste and a delightfully crunchy texture. One of the most amazing natural features of the Opal apple comes from its low polyphenol oxidase levels, which makes it resistant to browning after cutting.

The Opal apple grows in France, the United Kingdom, Austria, and the Netherlands, but in America it only grows in Washington state, cultivated by FirstFruits Farms LLC. The company's 5,000 acres of orchards in Washington makes it the largest contiguous orchard in the United States.

The opal apple's unique ability to resist browning makes it an excellent apple to serve freshly sliced or to cook with recipes. A sliced Opal apple adds a fresh crunch to salads or makes for a healthy snack in your kid's lunchbox. Creative recipes include using the Opal apple with cranberry to make chutney to spread on crackers with brie cheese and topping crostinis with warm goat cheese, diced Opal apples, and a drizzle of honey.

When julienne-sliced, the Opal apple's crisp flesh makes for an excellent slaw topping on sandwiches or adds a pleasant crunch to soups as a garnish. The Opal apple juice adds a tangy zest to sauces, too, and pairs well with pork and chicken. 

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FAQs About Opal Apples

Studies have shown that you get 50% more nutrition from eating apples with the skin than just eating the flesh. The Opal apple skin has triterpenoids and other anti-oxidants that have proven to reduce the risk of several types of cancer. Most experts agree that washing apples before eating can help remove any natural or chemical contaminants the apple skin may come in contact with during cultivation or packaging.

Apples naturally create a thin, milky-white coating of wax as a natural protective layer against moisture loss and invasive insects. A quick wash or polishing with a clean rag will remove this coating and result in a shiny, beautifully golden Opal apple. Other apple farmers add another wax coating after picking to help protect against damage during shipping. The secondary coats are made from naturally occurring components in plants.

Certified organic apples are grown using responsible farming techniques and the substitution of bio-dynamic methods for chemicals. FreshFruits, LLC has over 500 acres devoted to organic fruit production. What's more, Opal apples are the first apple variety in North America to be verified by the Non-GMO Project. The Non-GMO Project is the only independent verification process certifying a crop's non-GMO content, ensuring the Opal apple remains as natural as the day it first grew.
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