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The Instacart guide to tamarind products

About tamarind

A tropical fruit harvested from the tamarind tree, the tamarind fruit is native to Africa but grows in several other tropical regions. The tree produces bean-like pods about 5in in length that are filled with seeds and surrounded by a fibrous pulp. The young fruit's pulp is green and sour, but as it ripens, this juicy pulp becomes sweeter and more paste-like. The fruit is high in tartaric acid, which adds a tart, sweet, or sour taste to many dishes. This fruit is often called the "date of India."

When shopping for tamarind, which is a member of the legume family, you can find the pure fruit in three main forms:
  • Raw pods: This is the least processed form of tamarind, and the pods are still intact. You can easily open them to remove the pulp.
  • Paste: The shell and seeds are removed, and the pulp is dried into a paste. When you use paste in recipes, combine 1 tablespoon of paste with 1 tablespoon of water, and heat it in short intervals.
  • Concentrate: With this type of tamarind, the pulp is boiled down, and preservatives are added.
The tamarind pulp is widely used in Asian, Mexican, and Middle Eastern dishes. In fact, it's one of the ingredients used in Worcestershire sauce. Its leaves and seeds are also edible.

To eat this versatile fruit, you simply remove the pulp from the raw pods. With its naturally thick and fibrous consistency, it's often softened and made into a paste before being added to recipes. 

Some common ways to prepare tamarind include the following:
  • Use it as a meat tenderizer: The acidity of the fruit makes it ideal as a tenderizer. Add it to a marinade to soften thick cuts of beef before you cook them.
  • Mix it with sugar: Adding sugar to tamarind reduces the tart taste. You can make tamarind balls, which are a regular dessert in the Caribbean islands.
  • Pair it with coconut milk: Tamarind is used in Indian curries and spicy dishes, often paired with coconut milk to reduce its sour taste. You can also add tamarind with other spices such as ginger, turmeric, and coriander.
  • Make pad Thai: Whisk tamarind with sugar, vinegar, and fish sauce to make the base sauce found in pad Thai.
Before you start preparing your next meal with tamarind, make sure you have enough at home. Open your Instacart app, add tamarind to your order, and an Instacart shopper will get started gathering your ingredients. We'll do our best to get your groceries delivered the same day.

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