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The Instacart guide to Thai sweet basil

About Thai sweet basil

If you've ever seen basil with arrow-shaped leaves and purple flowers, this is Thai sweet basil. Thai sweet basil is similar to the sweet Italian-style basil that you commonly find on pizzas and in pesto, but Thai sweet basil has a different flavor profile. Thai sweet basil has notes of anise or licorice, making it the ideal herb to add to Asian-style dishes.

Thai sweet basil is a perennial herb that grows prolifically in bunches. The plants are sturdy and can withstand heat better than sweet basil. As with all basil varieties, Thai sweet basil is part of the mint family. The leaves of Thai sweet basil are narrow, serrated, and a bit tougher than those of sweet basil. The stems are square and have a lovely purple tinge to them.

Thai sweet basil is primarily used in Southeast Asian cooking. You'll find many Thai, Vietnamese, and Cambodian dishes using Thai sweet basil, lemongrass, ginger, hot chili peppers, and coconut milk. While Thai sweet basil is primarily used for Asian cuisine, you can also spice up tomato-based dishes with this anise-flavored basil variety. Toss it raw into green salads with a sesame ginger dressing, add it to stir-fries with panko-crusted tofu, or mix it into a green papaya salad with lots of freshly squeezed lime juice.

As the name implies, Thai sweet basil originated in Thailand and spread throughout Southeast Asia, where this spicy herb is regularly consumed. Today, Thai sweet basil has made its way to Western countries as Asian fusion foods have grown in popularity. You can find Thai sweet basil at Asian markets, specialty grocery stores, and farmers' markets.

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