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An etrog is a yellow citron used by Jewish people during the weeklong holiday of Sukkot. It's believed to be the first citrus to arrive off the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It's also believed that Jews began using etrog in at least the second century B.C.E. Ancient Greeks and Romans also enjoyed the fruit, as they both enjoyed its scent and ate the pith in salads. Today, Israel grows about a million etrogs annually, with one-third of its crop getting shipped to the United States.

The fruits are rather large, averaging 4 to 6 inches in length. They have an oblong shape with one end flattened and curved while the other is tapered and pointed. The fruits have a thick and bumpy rind, but their textured surface is covered in oil glands. When the skin of the etrog is rubbed, it emits a fragrant aroma similar to that of a lemon and violets. Opening the fruit gives you a thick white pith that is surprisingly sweet. Once opened, you can divide it into 11 to 13 segments.

One notable characteristic of the etrog is the dried flower stigma, also called the pitam, which extends from the non-stem end. This pitam is used for religious purposes.

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