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FAQs about liverwurst

As previously mentioned, the name liverwurst originates from the German language. However, it's possible to find variations in Poland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, Norway, the Czech Republic, and other European countries. Liverwurst is so prevalent that there are protections for unique variations under the EU's Protected Geographical Status law. 

Liverwurst is manufactured in the same fashion as a cased sausage and dense enough to be consumed like a sausage if desired. The main difference between liverwurst and a traditional cased sausage is its density and texture. A cased sausage uses more meat in its mixture for a firmer texture, whereas liverwurst uses more fat to make it spreadable. You can handle liverwurst much the same as you would a sausage, including how it's prepared and cooked. 

Liverwurst is flavored with a variety of spices such as black pepper, ground mustard seed, nutmeg, thyme, allspice, onion, and garlic. There's no one right way to flavor liverwurst; it's a matter of preference when it comes to selecting a brand and flavor profile of liverwurst. The sausage is supposed to have a strong, savory taste that complements the base ingredients.