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The Instacart guide to strip steak

About strip steak

When you're looking for a tender, juicy steak that requires very little cooking time, consider a strip steak. These steaks are often called a New York strip steak or a strip loin. Strip steaks are one of the most prized of all steaks because they are very tender and juicy. Strip steaks are tender because they come from a group of muscles that the cow or steer rarely uses. When you have cuts of meat from active muscle groups such as short ribs, flank, or chuck, they tend to be tough and lean and require slow and low cooking methods.

The strip steak comes from the loin of the steer and is cut from the Longissimus Dorsi muscles sometimes referred to as the backstop. These muscles run along the spine of the steer where the muscles don't have to work hard. Other cuts of meat that come from this area include ribeye, T-bone, and porterhouse steaks. 

A ribeye steak has more marbled fat than a strip steak, a T-bone has a bit of tenderloin meat attached to the strip steak, and a porterhouse has a large portion of tenderloin attached to the strip steak. Each steak has unique qualities, and the main difference between these steaks is the fat content, which can alter the tenderness of the meat.

When you look at a strip steak, you'll notice a thick layer of fat running down one side of the cut of meat. A ribeye steak has marbling of fat throughout the cut instead of just one slab of fat on the side of the steak. A perfect strip steak or New York strip will have a rich red coloring to it, a bit of marbled fat throughout the meat, and a layer of white fat on one side of the steak. Because the loin muscle is quite large, strip steaks are often thick cuts of meat, perfect for grilling or quick frying.

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