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Tri-Color Corn Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to tri-color corn

About tri-color corn

Often called flint corn or Indian corn, tri-color corn is an heirloom varietal of modern corn. Tri-color corn is quite different from the succulent sweet yellow corn you may eat at a backyard barbecue or on a stick at the county fair.

Tri-color corn has many different names, including:
  • Flint corn
  • Indian corn
  • Calico corn
  • Ornamental corn
Ornamental corn, with subtypes such as Autumn Explosion, Green and Gold Splendor, or Indian Art, are primarily used as fall decorations. Flint corn can have kernel color combinations such as red, white, orange, brown, blue, and purple all within the same ear of corn, creating a striking decoration. The kernels from ornamental corn have a very hard outer covering and in generally not recommended for eating. There are specific varieties of tri-color corn that can be consumed, though, and are normally ground into flour to make tortilla chips, grits, or even popped for popcorn.

Tri-color corn is in the cereal grass family of Poaceae and the genus Zea mays. All corn is classified as Zea mays and comes as flint corn, field corn, popping corn, and sweet corn. Domesticated corn, including tri-color corn, is not a naturally growing wild plant. Indigenous people from Mexico and South America domesticated a wild Mexican grass called teosinte that produced tiny kernels of seeds. Over time, the people cross-bred and hybridized teosinte to produce a much larger cob of edible kernels.

In the 1400s, European explorers coming to North and South America brought the seeds of tri-color corn back to Europe, where the crop was a sensation. Traders eventually introduced tri-color and sweet corn around the world. Today, because consumers and chefs have options to choose juicy, sweet yellow and white corn to serve for meals, tri-color corn is usually ground into flour and used in specialty tortillas and corn chips or used as ornamental decorations.

Tri-Color Corn Near Me

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