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The Instacart guide to Cripps Pink apples

About Cripps Pink apples

More often known by its trademarked name, Pink Lady (the first apple to be marketed with a brand name other than its variety name), the Cripps Pink apple was first bred in Australia in 1973 — a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Lady Williams. These two varieties are widely grown in Australia, and the Lady Williams likely gives the Cripps Pink its coloring. Cripps Pink apples are known for their coloring — a distinct pink blush over yellow and/or green undertones. While the flavor is classified as more tart than sweet, they're often described as having both qualities simultaneously. 

Because they require a relatively long growing period and a hot climate, Cripps Pink apples are only grown in the warmest apple farming regions of the U.S. (mostly in Washington State), southern Europe, Australia, and South Africa. The vibrant pink color only develops with strong autumn sunlight and the notable temperature changes between day and night. To accommodate this, growers often trim many of the trees' uppermost leaves to expose the apples to these temperature and light distinctions, as trees are robust and hold onto their leaves into the winter season. 

Cripps Pink Apples Near Me

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FAQs About Cripps Pink Apples

Both tangy and sweet, Cripps apples are, of course, great raw in salads or for snacking. They're also excellent for baking, homemade applesauce, cooking, and pureed soups. Additionally, their great flavor works really well for more creative culinary endeavors such as pickling, pancakes, sandwiches, smoothies, cocktails, butters, chutneys, and even pizza. Cripps Pink apples can be cooked in butter and served with roasted meats, or you can combine them with red wine, sugar, other fruits of your choice, and carbonated beverages for sangrias. These apples also go well with a variety of hard and soft cheeses.

Cripps apples will typically last one to two weeks at room temperature. When refrigerated, they last significantly longer. They can also be frozen, and there are a few different ways to do this successfully. The best is to lay them out on a baking sheet first (either whole or sliced) and put the whole sheet in the freezer. Once the apples are thoroughly frozen, you can transfer them to a freezer bag or other container. The baking sheet method prevents them from sticking together during the freezing process. Frozen Cripps Pink apples should have a shelf life of several months. 

Apple pie filling can also be frozen. However, some spices lose potency during the freezing process, so it may work best to add them after thawing.
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