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About Denver cut products

Though less well-known than other cuts of meat, Denver cut steaks are steadily rising in popularity. A Denver cut comes from the beef chuck primal. Though this cut is celebrated for its rich roasts, it also produces some delicious steaks.

When you enjoy a Denver cut steak, you can look forward to relatively tender meat with a beefy flavor and a good amount of marbling. Properly sliced and trimmed Denver cut steaks are ideal for cooking on the grill. You may also find Denver cut steaks called:
  • Chuck under blade center steak.
  • Chuck under blade steak.
  • Denver steak.
A beef chuck is the animal's shoulder. These steaks are made from the Serratus Ventralis muscle, located in the chuck roll's under blade portion. Because shoulder muscles get significant exercise, muscles in the chuck tend to be tough. However, the Serratis Ventralis is an exception. This muscle sits just beneath the bone of the shoulder blade and isn't used as much as other nearby muscles, making it one of the beef chuck's more tender muscles.

You might already know Serratis Ventralis as a major muscle in a classic seven-bone chuck roast. While a chuck roast offers a cross-section of the muscle, a Denver cut steak means the Serratis Ventralis is taken out in one piece. The technique was developed as a way for butchers to derive higher-value products from a cut of meat otherwise considered lower value.

All in all, meat from a chuck primal is flavorful, and Denver cut steak fits the bill thanks to its nice marbling and rich, beefy taste. The meat also has a pleasant texture and stays juicy when properly cooked.

Denver cut steaks are ready for any meal you have planned, from backyard barbecues to steak meals you make on the stovetop. Let Instacart simplify the shopping experience thanks to delivery available in as little as 2 hours!

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Buy your favorite denver cut online with Instacart. Order denver cut from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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