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FAQs about beef shank

When left unseasoned and roasted, the beef shank can have a gamey flavor. This gamey taste results from the constant use of the muscles from which the meat comes, which you'll find in most wild animals like deer, elk, and bison. Wild animals are far more active than domesticated ones raised for food. When seasoned and braised or stewed, the meat becomes very tender and takes on the seasoning flavors used in cooking. The marrow within the bone has a rich, almost decadent flavor.

Ossobuco translates from Italian to English as "bone with a hole," an underwhelming description if ever there was one. Chefs create Ossobuco using veal crosscuts from the beef shank. Crosscuts get seasoned with various herbs like rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, and cloves.

Yes. In most recipes, searing the beef helps lock in the juice of the meat. Many recipes call for dusting cross-cut beef shank in seasoned flour before searing and then adding to a pot or pan for braising. The flour acts as a thickening agent that produces a natural gravy in the pan.