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The Instacart guide to rump steak

About rump steak

Rump steak, also called round steak or butt steak, comes from the round, the area at the back of the animal near the tail and back legs. It's not as tender as some of the other cuts of meat available, but it's very flavorful and affordable. Most rump steak is beef, but lamb rump steak is also available. Rump steak is usually divided into eye of round, bottom round, top round, and round tip.

Eye of round is long and thin, and it comes from the thigh and hip muscles. It's also called breakfast steak, sandwich steak, wafer steak, minute steak, and eye of the round. It looks a lot like a tenderloin. A whole eye of round weighs about 8 pounds. Eye of round is a lean, flavorful cut that's usually roasted or slow-cooked to increase tenderness. You can also marinate it and then grill or pan-fry it. Many delis use roasted, sliced eye of round in roast beef sandwiches.

The bottom round, also called the gooseneck or beef silverside, comes from the outer part of the animal's leg. When the bone is left in, it's called a standing rump roast. The heel is the lowest part of the bottom round, and people often use it to make chip steak, a traditional ingredient in Philadelphia cheesesteak sandwiches. Top round, also called London broil or butterball steak, is more tender than other rump steaks, and it tastes good on the grill or pan-fried.

You can choose round tip, also called sirloin tip or sirloin knuckle, as well. It's near the front sides of the rear legs, where the round meets the sirloin, and people often use it in kebabs. 

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