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Bottom Round London Broil Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to bottom round London broil products

About bottom round London broil

Whether you're hosting a laid-back backyard barbecue or a more formal gathering, bottom round London broil offers many possibilities. Make your day easier by ordering your favorite bottom round London broil products via Instacart!

London broil refers to a lean but tough steak that is either broiled or grilled after being marinated. London broil is typically cooked medium-rare and served in thin slices. The term "London broil" does not actually refer to the cut of beef — it describes used to prepare the meat. On the other hand, "bottom round" is a description of the cut of meat you're getting. A round refers to a cow's rear leg, from which you'll get lean and tough meat. A bottom round has one part that's tougher than the other. Bottom rounds are typically divided into two smaller cuts: the rump roast, which is the end that comes to a point, and the bottom round roast.

All in all, bottom round London broil means you're getting a bottom round cut of meat ideal to cook using the London broil method.

Historically, London broil was one of the first recipes that became popular in early United States restaurants, which led to the name London broil getting easily confused with a specific cut of beef. London broil was first made with flank steak. Over time, the name was applied to various other thick, lean cuts of beef, like top and bottom round cuts. You can find London broil meat as anything from thin steaks to thick roasts that come from the beef's sirloin or round sections.

Despite its name, the London broil cooking method didn't start in London (or even England). No one knows where the dish originated, but its popularity endures in easy-to-make recipes you can cook at home.

No matter which cut you get, any "London broil" meat you buy is meant for you to marinate and then cook over high heat. London broil recipes all start with a great marinade, so experiment with flavors you find appealing to craft your perfect meal from bottom round London broil. London broil is ideal sliced and served with mashed potatoes. You can also use London broil to make fajitas or trade it for any recipe that asks for flank steak.

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