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About Cocktail avocados

The Cocktail avocado is a recent development in the produce world. Popularized by UK retailer Marks & Spencer, this intriguing fruit is quickly garnering interest amongst avocado fans. The Cocktail avocado is a pitless variety that was designed with a very specific purpose in mind. This avocado is intended to reduce the risk of "avocado hand," which is an injury that can occur when slicing into tricky pitted avocados.

Avocado hand is a surprisingly common problem, and it can result in serious tendon and nerve injuries that may leave you without the full use of your hand. The severity of the problem is such that the president of the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, David Ward, advocated for warning labels on avocados to advise people on how to cut into them safely.

Cocktail avocados provide a clever answer to the problem by serving customers a seedless fruit that's much easier to slice safely. This is accomplished by using unpollinated avocado blossoms which don't develop the large pit typically found in avocados. Cocktail avocados are grown in Spain in December. They're also harvested as a byproduct of Mexicola avocados in cases where flowers aren't pollinated properly and occasionally produce these seedless fruits known as "cukes."

Cocktail avocados are usually about 2 or 3 inches long. Though they're slightly smaller than a regular avocado, the amount of flesh is comparable since the pit is no longer present. The creamy flesh has a smooth, nutty flavor similar to other avocados.

The skin of the Cocktail avocado is thinner than that of other avocados, and it peels off easily by hand. The skin is also edible, so you can avoid peeling and slicing altogether. The skin tastes a bit like anise or licorice.

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