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Plain Milk Delivery

The Instacart guide to plain milk

About plain milk

Milk is a familiar drink in American households. In most cases, the dairy milk you get from the grocery store is cow's milk. It is the most common variety in most homes and comes from a dairy farm. 

Milk has many health benefits. It contains high levels of calcium, which is essential for bone health and muscle movement. Most manufacturers also fortify milk with vitamin D, which is another important nutrient for bone health. In addition to containing calcium and vitamin D, milk is also a source of potassium. This nutrient helps blood vessels dilate, which can contribute to reduced blood pressure. 

Milk comes in several varieties, each offering different health benefits and tastes. Some of the most common types of plain milk you will see in the store include:
  • Whole milk. This milk contains 3.35% fat and has about 150 calories per serving. Whole milk is often fortified with vitamin D, and the label will clearly state this if it is.
  • 2% reduced-fat milk. 2% milk has 2% fat, 120 calories per serving, and it has about 5 grams of fat in an eight-ounce serving. With reduced-fat milk, Vitamin A is removed along with the fat, so it has to be added back according to FDA regulations. 
  • 1% low-fat milk. 1% milk is also referred to as light milk. It has 1% fat, 100 calories per serving, and 2.5 grams of fat per serving. Just like the 2% milk, Vitamin A is removed along with the fat, so it's added back in. 
  • Fat-free milk. Fat-free or skim milk has 0% fat. It has 80 calories and zero grams of fat per serving. 

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Shelf-stable milk is another option if you don't have room in your refrigerator for regular milk. This type of milk has been pasteurized and packaged differently in order to extend its shelf life. Manufacturers heat this milk to about 280 degrees F for two seconds, killing more bacteria than the traditional pasteurizing process for milk. This results in longer shelf life before it spoils. It's important to note, that once you open shelf-stable milk, it needs to go in the fridge just like regular plain milk. While it's not as common in the United States as in other countries, there are many reasons to choose this variety of milk. 
  • It's a more environmentally friendly option since it doesn't need refrigeration during transportation. 
  • Since it's easier to transport, it lowers the cost for producers and consumers.
  • It uses environmentally friendly packaging.

Plain Milk Near Me

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FAQs About Plain Milk

You can freeze milk, but it's best to do it before the expiration date. When you freeze milk, you want to put it in small containers. Leave some space at the top to give it room to expand. 

To thaw, put it in the refrigerator. The fat and protein will separate from the rest of the milk when you thaw it out after it's frozen, but this is normal. It's because the protein and minerals thaw faster than the water in the milk. To mix the proteins and fats back into the water, just give it a shake. It is safe to drink and use in recipes, but it's important to note that thawed milk should be used quickly, and some people think it changes the taste. 

The main difference between regular plain milk and organic plain milk is the farming practices. There is no nutritional difference. Organic milk typically has a longer shelf life because it is pasteurized using ultra-high temperature processing, where conventional milk uses the standard method.

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