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Fuerte Avocado Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to Fuerte avocado products

About Fuerte avocados

In 1911, explorer Carl Schmidt traveled to southern Mexico in search of avocados on behalf of the West Indian Gardens Nursery in Altadena, California. He sent back bud wood of about 30 varieties from Atlixco, Mexico, and only one was able to grow back in California, the Fuerte avocado. The avocado trees from the nursery were bought in 1914 by J.T. Whedon, who had the first Fuerte avocado orchard of the hundreds of orchards in California today. The California avocado industry was built on the Fuerte avocado and was the most important avocado until the 1930s when the Hass avocado became a competitor in the market.

Avocados are botanically classified as a berry with one large seed. The oldest discovery of an avocado pit dates back nine to ten thousand years ago in Coxcatlan Cave, an architectural site in Puebla, Mexico. The avocado tree has a long history of being cultivated in Central and South America, most likely starting as early as 5,000 B.C. The avocado needs a tropical climate with no frost and little wind. The fruit matures on the tree but ripens off of it, and the ripening time usually takes one to two weeks.

The Fuerte avocado is a California avocado that is considered a standard for other varieties, given its high-quality characteristics. It's known for its green exterior and is a hybrid between the Mexican and Guatemalan avocado types. This avocado has a pear-like shape and weights from six to 12 ounces. The skin is thin and peels easily, and it has a green interior. It has an oil-rich flesh with a creamy flavor and nutty aftertaste, and many consider this avocado to be the best tasting. Fuerte avocados are available from mid-winter to early spring.

Fuerte avocado can be used in so many ways, including the classic guacamole, perfect for appetizers and parties. Add some avocado to your favorite salad to make it more filling, or add it to a smoothie to make it creamier. The avocado is not cooked, but eaten raw. It can be added to quesadillas, tacos, toast, and sandwiches. 

A simple avocado cream with a little lemon and sour cream can also be used to drizzle on fajitas and nachos. A spicy salsa verde with some green chile and avocado can be blended together to use as another dip for nachos. Eating the avocado with your favorite meal is a great side, as it brings a creamy and hearty flavor. Use it as a side for meats, fish, and other vegetables. 

If you're thinking of cooking up some guacamole with Fuerte avocado, shop for some through the Instacart app. Complete your purchase, and an Instacart shopper will head to the store and pick out the avocado. Order to make your day a little easier, and we'll do our best to get your groceries delivered the same day!

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