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The Instacart guide to onions

About onions

Onions are one of the most popular vegetables to cook with. Onions add a zesty flavor to almost all savory foods. From adding delicate spring green onions to scrambled eggs, raw sweet red onions to a salad, or caramelizing onions for a burger, the versatile onion should be in every cook's pantry. With hundreds of varieties, onions can be sweet, pungent, or savory. Fully mature onions are normally round or oblong-shaped, with dry, papery skin surrounding the flesh of the bulb.

For centuries, onions have been a staple food around the world. Most cultures use some form of onion in their cooking, from the classic mirepoix of Cajun cuisine, the fiery stir-fries in Southeastern Asian cooking, to the zesty salsas in Mexican food. Onions are used as the base of many stocks, soups, and sauces, and served raw as toppings for tacos, chili, and Pad Thai.

While you can find hundreds of varieties of onions, the commonly found dried onions you see in stores and farmers' markets are yellow, white, and red. Fresh green onions and scallions are just immature onions generally eaten raw in salads or as toppings for select dishes. Variations of onions include cipolin, Bermuda, Maui, Walla Walla, and pearl onions.

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Onions are in the Amaryllidaceae family that also includes garlic, leeks, shallots, and chives. Onions are in a sub-class called Allium Cepa. Yellow onions originated in Asia and spread throughout the world through trade routes. Today, yellow onions are widely grown throughout North America and Europe, white onions come mainly from Mexico, and red onion varieties are grown in mild North American climates as well as temperate Mediterranean countries.

All onion varieties have similar flavor profiles but can change depending on the soil they were grown in and how they were cared for during their growing season. Onions are classified as winter/long-storage varieties such as yellow varieties, or spring/short-storage onions like red or white onions.

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