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The Instacart guide to Chinese leeks

About Chinese leeks

The Chinese leek, or Allium Tuberosum, is native to the Chinese province of Shanxi but is now cultivated around the world. It goes by several other names, including Asian chives, Chinese chives, garlic chives, and Oriental garlic. 

This clump-forming perennial plant grows from a small, elongated bulb. The bulb itself has a tough and fibrous texture. Unlike garlic, the Chinese leek has a triangular base that grows into strap-shaped leaves less than 1/2-inch wide. In warmer climates, the Chinese leek's stalk remains green year-round. In colder regions, the stalk completely dies back to ground level and re-sprouts from roots in the spring.

The flavor of Chinese leeks more resembles that of garlic than chive. Its wide cultivation over the centuries has seen the Chinese leek used for many purposes, including as an ornamental plant in gardens and for traditional medicines. Today, the Chinese leek enjoys a favored status in the culinary world. The leaves, stalks, and even unopened flower buds get used for flavoring in many dishes.

In China, the Chinese leek has been used in everything from stir-fry dishes to dumplings and even pancakes. Its resemblance to the chive and green onion runs beyond its appearance and adds flavor to many American, European, and Indian recipes. The Japanese use the Chinese leek in their miso soup. Korean cuisine uses the leek in many dishes, most notably in kimchi, an often spicy side dish of salted and fermented vegetables. In Kazakhstan, the Chinese leek adds flavor to samosa filling, a stuffed pastry with meat and vegetables.

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