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The Instacart guide to Holstein apples

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FAQs about Holstein apples

Yes, Holstein apples have a naturally sweet, tangy flavor that remains with the juice when pressed. The Holstein's juice lends itself more to making apple juice than apple cider, but both are often enjoyed with the Holstein apple.

Absolutely. Studies show that the apple's skin contains 50% more vitamins and antioxidants than the flesh alone. These nutrients have been linked to cancer prevention, improved cardiac health, and other diseases. Holstein apples are rich in Vitamin C and dietary fiber and low in saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol, making them a welcome addition to any healthy diet.

You should always wash your apples first. Some farmers may use chemicals like insecticides or fertilizers during cultivation that remain on the skin. The Holstein's vigorous capacity for growth, combined with its disease resistance, limits the need for intervention. Apples naturally produce a wax-like coating that results in a thin, milky-white film. While healthy to ingest, the coating does nothing for the flavor. A quick polish with a clean, dry cloth will restore the Holstein apple's color and shine. Some farmers add a synthetic wax coating after harvest to protect against moisture loss and damage during storage and shipping. Most waxes are made from natural, plant-based compounds, but some are laboratory synthetics containing petroleum or polymers.