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The Instacart guide to Pearmain apples

The exact origin of Pearmain apples is widely debated. However, it's agreed that this apple variety is quite old, although the original type may be extinct. Many apple varieties fall under the name Pearmain, which was previously spelled "permain". The name comes from apples that have a pear-like shape, with an elongated appearance. In fact, some believe the name was originally applied to pears and only later given to apples sometime during the 16th century.

With so many apples falling under the name Pearmain, it may prove difficult to find one that appeals to your palate. The color, crispness, and juiciness are all dependent on the type of Pearmain apple you select. To find one that you love to eat, you should try a few varieties. For example, the Adam's Pearmain apple is a dessert apple with sweet and aromatic qualities. You can also get the Blue Pearmain apple, which is ideal for making cider thanks to its density.

When it comes to choosing the right Pearmanin apple, it's really dependent on what you're looking for in an apple. Some people prefer a crisp, tart apple, while others like softer flesh that's sweet and juicy. One of the main types of Pearmain apples that you'll find in the grocery store is simply called Old Pearmain. This variety has a yellow to greenish skin streaked with deep red and small to medium in size. It's commonly found from late fall through winter. You'll enjoy the Old Pearmain's rich, full flavor that's great all on its own.

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FAQs About Pearmain Apple

Pears and apples share many similarities, and because Pearmain apples have "pear" in part of their name, many people are curious as to whether these apples taste, grow, and ripen like pears. Both pears and apples have many varieties, which causes them to have differences in flavor, color, and texture. While Pearmain apples are similar in shape to pears, their flavor and texture are largely dependent on the variety. However, most apples have their own unique flavor that differs from pears in sweetness and juiciness. Pearmain apples also tend to be crispier than their pear counterpart.
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