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The Instacart guide to zebra tomatoes

About zebra tomatoes

Nothing compares to tender, ripe zebra tomatoes straight from the market or produce section. These delectable tomatoes not only taste special, but they are very easy to incorporate into delicious salads, sides, and dishes.

The zebra tomato is a globe-shaped fruit that is easily distinguished by yellow stripes that develop as it ripens. Before maturity, zebra tomatoes are green with dark stripes. As it ripens, the color of the fruit changes to a yellow-green and becomes overlaid with mottled orange and green stripes. When young, zebra tomato has a tart, astringent flavor. Once it matures, you can enjoy its full tangy sweetness.

Zebra tomatoes are slightly smaller than Roma tomatoes, and they live up to the saying that good things come in small packages. For a fresh and naturally sweet treat, toss zebra tomato cubes in olive oil and salt before adding them to your salads or wraps. This tomato can also be made into an exceptional side dish when topped and lightly roasted with cheeses and herbs.

Cooking zebra tomatoes helps neutralize their acidity and bring out even more of their natural sweetness. These versatile tomatoes can be added to curries, kebabs, stews, or any other recipe that calls for tomato. Zebra tomatoes are sturdy by nature so that the fruit can be slowly roasted, breaded and fried, or even lightly sauteed, depending on your choice of dish. Zebra tomatoes can also be cooked down to make sauces, salsas, or preserves.

Zebra tomatoes pair well with many herbs, fruits, and cheeses, making them an excellent choice for mixed snack trays and hors d'oeuvres. Zebra tomatoes also blend well with a green goddess dressing to bring out a great tangy flavor.

In terms of storage, zebra tomatoes can last for up to 7 days when kept at room temperature. If sliced, ensure you store the fruit in an air-tight container in your refrigerator and use it within the next two days.

There are four varieties of zebra tomatoes:
  • Green Zebra Tomato: The green zebra is a classic tomato variety that shines in salads or when served with greens. This variety is characterized by green color and darker green stripes. Green zebra tomatoes are smaller than other varieties but have an exceptional taste.
  • Big Zebra Tomato: The big zebra is a variety of tomatoes characterized by a larger, slightly flattened globe with red coloration and green stripes. This variety is usually used to make fresh salsas.
  • Black Zebra Tomato: The black zebra tomato is a vigorous variety that boasts a vibrant flavor. This tomato variety is the ideal choice for versatility because it can be served freshly cut or roasted on a kebab.
  • Red Zebra Tomato: The red zebra tomato is easy to recognize for its bright cherry-red color and yellow-orange stripes. This variety has darker red flesh that is very juicy, making it a great choice for sauces.

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