Instacart offers prescription delivery from participating Wegmans pharmacies in the United States.

Ordering prescriptions

  1. Switch your prescription to a participating Wegmans pharmacy
  2. Tap Add to cart in the text message you’ll receive from the participating Wegmans pharmacy
  3. After tapping Add to cart, you will be redirected to the Instacart Marketplace
  4. Tap Members sign in if you have an existing Instacart account or tap Non-members continue here
  5. Tap Add groceries to this order or No, continue to checkout* (if selected, you cannot go back and add groceries)
    • Add groceries and other household essentials to your order if you tapped Add groceries to this order
  6. Log in to your account or create one
  7. Choose a delivery time and receive your prescription as fast as same day

* If you select No, continue to checkout, you will immediately go to checkout and will need to pay a prescription delivery fee. Select Add groceries to this order to waive the prescription delivery fee.

Text messages 

Instacart does not send prescription-related text messages to customers. Please contact your participating pharmacy for text message questions or issues regarding the text you receive about your prescription delivery.

Receiving prescriptions

Your Instacart shopper is required to scan your ID when delivering your prescription. In addition, some states require the shopper to get a signature from the customer.

To maintain social distancing, your shopper will scan it from a safe distance. Please hold out your ID so they can scan and confirm the recipient is legally able to accept the order.

Instacart does not allow prescriptions to be left unattended. Someone 18 or over must be present to receive the order.

Adding more prescriptions

At this time, prescriptions cannot be added to the order once it has been placed.

Authorization hold

Seeing an authorization hold on your bank account? Learn more about temporary authorization holds.

Cancel or reschedule prescription orders

You can cancel your prescription order on your account before it gets assigned to a shopper. Contact Instacart Care through the app or website if the order is already assigned.