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FAQs about mackerel steaks

The Atlantic Spanish mackerel, one of the most common inshore catches on the East Coast, typically grows to about 18 inches and can reach a maximum of 37 inches. Another common Spanish mackerel type found in the U.S. is the Pacific sierra mackerel, which is commonly found along the coast from southern California all the way down to South America. The King mackerel, found from North Carolina to Brazil, is a large and aggressive species. Their typical length is around 35 inches, but some specimens can grow up to 72 inches. Due to their fighting abilities, they're a favorite among sport fishermen.

Mackerel is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent in the body and supports cardiovascular health. The fish also contains significant amounts of vitamin B12, which prevents anemia and helps to protect the nervous system. Since it contains all nine essential amino acids, mackerel is a good source of protein. Protein increases muscle mass and strength and boosts your metabolism. The fish also provides important minerals, such as selenium, which regulates thyroid hormones and protects the immune system, and phosphorus, which keeps your bones and teeth strong.