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The Instacart guide to mackerel

About mackerel

Mackerel is part of the family Scombridae and is similar to tuna. Over 30 species of fish are commonly referred to as mackerel, a sport fish with a slender and torpedo-shaped body that is found in temperate and tropical waters around the world. Most mackerel found in the Atlantic Ocean average 12 inches long and are blue-green in color. They are typically found on the American side of the Atlantic Ocean as well as on the European coast of the Atlantic from Norway to Spain. The chub mackerel, on the other hand, is found in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California.

There are a variety of other types of mackerel throughout the world such as the Kingfish, Painted mackerel, and Spanish mackerel. Because of its popularity in various cuisines, there are many ways to enjoy this fish. Mackerel is often sold smoked and ready to eat canned, whole, or as fillets. Enjoy canned mackerel on a couple of slices of bread spread with butter or olive oil and avocado. Add spices like salt and pepper, and you've got yourself a hearty and simple meal packed with nutrients. Depending on how you want to enjoy mackerel, there are different ways it can be prepared.

Mackerel is a rich and oily fish packed with vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. It has one of the highest concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids, which are an important source for a healthy brain function and neurological system. It also has plenty of protein and vitamin D, and the Atlantic mackerel does not have high mercury levels. Although it's not as popular as other fish like salmon, the mackerel's potent flavor and oiliness make it unique. If you're looking for a new type of fish to try for dinner tonight, check out the mackerel.

Since mackerel has a stronger taste than other fish, it's important to pair it  with other flavors that complement it. It's good to use lighter and balanced flavors from cucumbers or beets as well as citrus flavors from lemons and limes to bring out the particular taste of the mackerel. Spicy peppers and capers are also a good match for mackerel, so you can experiment with a variety of recipes and combinations. Butter and heavy sauces, on the other hand, do not go well with mackerel.

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FAQs About Mackerel

Canned mackerel is very similar to tuna and can be eaten in salads, pastas, or sandwiches. Its flavor is not too strong and overpowering. It can be eaten straight out of the can or cooked a bit with other condiments.

Mackerel is fattier than tuna, so it packs a lot of flavor. However, it doesn't have a distinct smell like tuna and has a milder taste.

If you're thinking of experimenting and cooking up some mackerel, head to the Instacart app and order some fish through our site. Once you pick out the mackerel and what you want for your order, go to your cart and complete your purchase. An Instacart shopper will do the work for you and pick out your items in the store. Usually you will receive the order at your door on the same day, and you can save time and money in the meantime!
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