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Iceberg Lettuce Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to iceberg lettuce products

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FAQs about iceberg lettuce

You can store a whole head of iceberg lettuce in your fridge's crisper wrapped in a slightly wet paper towel and sealed in a plastic zipper bag or plastic wrap. The leaves will absorb moisture from the paper towel, and you can replace it if the leaves get soggy. You should be able to keep your iceberg lettuce for four days before it starts to wilt.

To cut iceberg lettuce, rinse it thoroughly and remove any damaged or withered leaves. Let it air dry on paper towels or dry it using a salad spinner. Wrap the vegetable in a dry paper towel and store it in an airtight plastic bag or container in the crisper. If the lettuce becomes saturated, replace the paper towel to avoid slimy lettuce. Make sure to remove any wilted leaves as you see them in order to keep the entire bunch of lettuce as fresh as possible.

Freezing iceberg lettuce is possible, but its fragile leaves might not tolerate freezing. Thus, it's always recommended to eat them in fresh form and avoid freezing. However, you can store leftover lettuce in the freezer if you don't want to consume it within a few days. If you purchase lettuce in bulk, it's best to put it in the freezer so that it will last longer. If you grow lettuce, you may also freeze the leaves so that you can use them later.

Before freezing the lettuce stored in an airtight plastic bag, make sure to suck out the air inside it using a straw. This helps to maintain the freshness of the leaves. If there are other food items to be frozen, make sure you place the lettuce bags on the top so that the leaves won't get crushed.

You might have taken some iceberg lettuce out of your vegetable bin, only to find out that it's no longer completely green. As long as you are not simply dealing with a red-tinted variety of lettuce, the rusty to pinkish or reddish color that iceberg lettuce usually takes on is due to oxidation. If you find that the roots of the iceberg lettuce or edges of its leaves are pinkish or reddish, the iron in the lettuce is oxidized, which is a quick indication that it's no longer the freshest.

If the leaves are damaged, they may also take on a pinkish or reddish tone where the damage occurred. However, if you are seeing the pinkish or reddish color spreading throughout, it's probably just older lettuce. No matter what, reddish or pinkish iceberg lettuce means that the vegetable is not in the best, freshest condition.