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Shiitake Mushrooms Delivery or Pickup

The Instacart guide to shiitake mushrooms

About shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are edible mushrooms native to East Asia. The name Shiitake comes from the Japanese words "shii" and "take." "Shii" references the trees on which the mushroom grows, while "take" means mushroom. Shiitake mushrooms grow on the dead logs of deciduous trees like chestnut, oak, beech, sweetgum, poplar, ironwood, mulberry, maple, and more. Some people refer to them as sawtooth oak mushrooms, black forest mushrooms, golden oak mushrooms, black mushrooms, or oakwood mushrooms, but these names are far less common.

Before 1982, the Japanese government restricted growing shiitake mushrooms to specific areas and only allowed farmers to use ancient growing techniques. Yet, the popularity of the shiitake mushroom and the ease with which you can cultivate it led to its widespread production worldwide. Today, the shiitake mushroom accounts for 25% of the total annual production of mushrooms in the world. Growers create conditions similar to the shiitake mushroom's natural environment, either by using artificial surfaces or actual hardwood logs.

Shiitake mushrooms have a robust and earthy "umami" flavor. Umami is a savory, fatty flavor often associated with broths and meats. The taste of umami comes from the amino acid glutamate, of which the shiitake mushroom has plenty. Shiitake caps have a meaty texture when cooked. The stems are tough unless cooked enough, at which point they become pleasantly chewy.

Shiitake Mushrooms Near Me

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FAQs About Shiitake Mushrooms

Yes, like most vegetables, shiitake mushrooms grow in the earth on decaying wood. You'll want to wash off the dirt and debris using a gentle scrub to maintain the delicate shape of the mushroom. You don't need to use soap, and if you prefer a brush, select one with soft bristles.

Yes, shiitake mushrooms have many health benefits. They have one of the highest amounts of copper, promoting healthy bones, blood vessels, and your immune system. A half-cup of shiitake mushrooms has 72% of your recommended daily amount of copper. Shiitakes are also a good source of selenium and contain fair amounts of eritadenine, which has been shown to reduce cholesterol in the blood. The beta-glucans and lentinans in shiitake mushrooms help fight inflammation and boost white blood cell production to boost your immune system.

Yes, shiitake mushrooms can be eaten raw. You should wash them first, but most people enjoy their earthy flavor and meaty texture. The stems are edible, too, but are stringy and tough to chew, even after cooking. The caps are the best part and can be served raw or cooked.
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