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About Arkansas Black apples

Arkansas Black apples are a gorgeous fruit, producing a deep, purplish-black-red skin. Part of the fun of going apple picking is the ability to sample the product as you go. Pick an apple off the tree, and enjoy a fresh, juicy snack. If you ever get the chance to visit an Arkansas Black apple orchard, you might want to wait. When fresh from the tree, Arkansas Black apples are not yet ripe because they were cultivated to be stored between harvests. 

For the best flavor, purchase Arkansas Black apples from the market after they have had the chance to ripen. These unique heirloom apples are perfect for baking in pies. Because they are so hardy, they can stand up to the heat of the oven for baking. Softer varieties of apples, of course, can't hold up and sometimes turn to applesauce.

Arkansas Black apples offer a sweet, tart, almost bitter taste before baking and are typically available from the middle of fall to early winter. Coming off the orchards, the apples typically need to go into cold storage for a period of several months to allow them to fully ripen and become softer so they are easier to cut and eat. During that time, the flavor also becomes both sweeter and more tart.

Like many apples, the Arkansas Black apple is an excellent source of soluble fiber, which aids in digestion. They also deliver copious quantities of vitamins A and C, and are a good source of potassium and iron. A single serving of an Arkansas Black apple delivers about 100 calories.

Arkansas Black apples were first cultivated in the state of Arkansas in the late 1800s. Many articles about Arkansas Black apples mention that they are believed to have descended from a Winesap seedling, which traces its origins to the era of the American Revolution. 

Agriculture historians say that Arkansas Black apples were first grown in an orchard in Benton County, Arkansas, home to Bentonville and the world headquarters of Wal-Mart. Arkansas Black apples were a key part of Arkansas agriculture until about the 1930s when growers ran into problems with an infestation of moths, other insects, and plant disease, as well as the economic effects of the depression.

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FAQs About Arkansas Black Apple

The Arkansas Black apple was grown to be put into storage for about three to four months. You can also keep them in the refrigerator to let them soften and mature once you bring them home. However, when kept in storage beyond four months, the apples tend to dry out and start to wrinkle.

Most people see the Arkansas Black apple as an ingredient for cooking or baking, as it can give hints of vanilla or cinnamon. This apple also a popular choice for a cider apple, because of its delicious tanginess. The apple holds its shape well when baked, making it great for pies. Meanwhile, others suggest using the Arkansas Black in sauces, jams, jellies, or soups. Fans of the apple say it also responds well to sauteing or roasting, depending on the recipe. Chefs even serve the Arkansas Black apple as an accompaniment to meat dishes.

Some of the more interesting recipes featuring this apple include Arkansas Black apple pie with caramel sauce; fried Arkansas Black apples; Arkansas Black apple pudding cake; Arkansas Black apple butter; and white sweet potato and Arkansas Black apple soup. 

Arkansas black apples are no longer just a part of Arkansas agriculture. They are still grown there, of course, but orchards have sprung up in the Ozarks in Missouri, as well as other apple-growing hotbeds such as those in California, Washington, and Ohio.
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