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The Instacart guide to beef medallion

About beef medallion

A beef medallion is a small, round portion of beef. The most common cut of beef sold as a medallion comes from the tenderloin. The tenderloin is boneless and cut with the muscle fibers running lengthwise. Because it is a muscle that doesn't get a lot of use, it is often more tender and has very little connective tissue. 

While beef medallions are often from the tenderloin, they can also come from other cuts. The medallion refers to the side and how the beef was cut. Types of beef medallion include:
  • Tenderloin medallion. A tenderloin medallion comes from the tenderloin, a large cut of meat ranging from 4-6 pounds. The tenderloin has two parts, one of which is the filet mignon. Tenderloin medallions are small round cuts from the larger piece.
  • Top sirloin medallion. A top sirloin medallion is cut from the top sirloin. The butcher removes the cap and cuts the sirloin in half down the middle and with the grain. Each half is then rolled or tied with butcher's twine and then cut across the grain into smaller, round medallion steaks. 
  • Filet medallions. The filet medallion comes from the filet mignon, which is part of the tenderloin. The butcher cuts the filets into smaller, thick circles instead of a larger filet to create the medallions. This cut makes it easier to cook the filet mignon in various ways, including recipes that need smaller beef chunks.
  • Beef shoulder medallions. Beef shoulder medallions come from the small muscle over the shoulder. A whole shoulder tenderloin can weigh up to 12 ounces, and cutting it into medallions makes it perfect for smaller portion sizes. The shoulder tenderloin is just as tender as tenderloin, and it has more flavor. 

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FAQs About Beef Medallion

You can safely store beef medallions and other cuts of beef in the fridge for up to 5 days. Make sure your refrigerator is between 34-40 degrees, and store it on the lowest shelf. Make sure to put a plate under the medallions to collect any of the runoff juices. 

The best way to tell when your beef is cooked is by using a thermometer. Insert it into the center of the medallion. You can also see if it is close to done by touching it. As meat cooks, it becomes more firm. Gently press your thumb into the medallion. The more spring back you get, the hotter it is, and the more the protein cells have expanded. This means the meat is more well done. A medium-rare steak should feel soft with just a small amount of spring back. 

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