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About duck

If you're tired of turning to underwhelming recipes, then it's time that you spiced up your cooking with duck meat. Rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins, duck meat is delicious and healthy. Duck is poultry, but unlike turkey and chicken, it's not a white meat. Duck is, in fact, a red meat. This is because when ducks are in flight, their breast muscles are engaged. This lifetime of activity means that a high count of the protein myoglobin is present, and this protein gives duck meat a darker color.

As a result, eating duck meat that's well-done is more akin to eating steak. If you're trying to eat clean, duck is an excellent meat to have on hand. Whether you decide to create a dish that requires the whole bird or only one of its parts, you'll still be eating healthy. Duck, unlike other red meats, is low in saturated fats and is incredibly lean, making it a stellar option for your dinner plate.

Duck is a wonderfully versatile meat. While it's typically recommended that poultry should be cooked all the way through, duck can be cooked in a variety of fashions. If you're trying to cut down on your beef intake, you can substitute duck for it instead. However you like your steak, medium or medium-rare, you can cook your duck the same way.

If you're looking to elevate tried-and-true chicken recipes, try using duck instead. Duck can be used in dishes like stir-fry, stew, and dumplings, just to name a few. Essentially, anything that can be done to chicken can also be done to duck meat.

In addition to its meat, every part of a duck can be used to create delicious meals. For example, you can take a duck's bones to make bone broth for hearty soups and stews. You can eat duck offal, too. You can transform livers into exquisite pate or serve up pan-fried kidneys. You can even use duck fat to serve as a butter substitute. Duck eggs are also edible, and these eggs actually contain much higher levels of vitamin B12 than the duck meat alone.

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FAQs About Duck

Braising duck legs makes for a delectable meal. Anything from cooking stock to red wine can be used to braise the legs. Chill the legs in the fridge before putting them in the oven to enjoy the crisped skin and tender meat that falls right off the bone.

If you've never had a chance to cook with duck meat before, you'll find that duck is butchered in a similar fashion to other types of poultry and can sometimes be confused with pheasant or even goose meat. Ordering through Instacart, though, lets you search for the exact duck product you need, whether that's a Kirkwood Whole Duck or Fabrique Delices Duck Mousse. With same-day delivery, finding the perfect ingredients for your dish has never been easier!
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