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About whole pork leg

The whole pork leg comes from the hind leg of a hog and sometimes goes by the name "fresh ham." You can purchase a whole pork leg or half a leg with the bone in or removed. A butcher can cut the whole pork leg into shank, center, or rump portions from the lower leg, center, or near the sirloin.

The names hog, pig, and boar often refer to the same animal, though with some minor distinctions. The term "boar" refers to a domesticated un-castrated male pig and describes the wild pig or boar that people hunt for sport and food. A wild boar can be male or female. The term "hog" describes a domesticated pig that weighs more than 120 pounds.

In most cases, people buy the whole pork leg to roast, either at a family gathering or some type of celebration. You can de-bone the whole leg yourself and cut it into smaller roasting pieces, or you can slice it into thin steaks, known as escalopes. The whole pork leg contains very little fat and, if not appropriately roasted, will dry out. Many people cure whole pork legs themselves after portioning them into smaller sizes. You can dry-cure or wet-cure a whole pork leg. When cured, the meat is called ham.

The terms "hock" and "shank" refer to the front leg of the hog and are often confused for part of the whole pork leg. Hocks come from the meaty lower portion of the hog's front leg. The shank comes from the upper front leg of the hog. Smoking these cuts imparts a distinctive flavor used in many stews, soups, and stocks.

The whole pork leg and its sub-primal cuts are the least expensive of the entire hog. This is because the whole pork leg is constantly used, which makes the meat tough and requires slower cooking techniques or curing to achieve tender results. 

Essentially, you have only one type of whole pork leg. Usually, the whole pork leg is butchered as a primal cut and sold fresh, either to a butcher or grocer. Butchers and grocers sell the whole pork leg as one piece as ordered or cut it into sub-primal cuts for resale.

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FAQs About Whole Pork Leg

It depends on how you roast it. If you have a large enough oven, you can roast it at 350°F in 5-6 hours. Some people bury the whole pig leg and roast it for 6-10 hours. A popular American style is to slow-roast a whole pig leg over an open flame. Using low heat for up to eight hours will give you a tender, juicy result.

Yes, the skin is edible. However, the skin is thick and chewy and requires unique cooking to make it delicious. The skin needs to be roasted crisp. Crackling is a common type of pork skin peeled away from the flesh, salted, and roasted until it's crisp. You can also deep-fry the pork skin.

You can if you have the right tool because the leg bone is difficult to cut through. Even the sharpest knife won't cut through the leg bone of a pig. Most butchers use powerful electric band saws that make this quick and easy. If you don't have an electric band saw for cutting meat, you can use a hacksaw and cut it by hand, but this doesn't result in smooth cuts.
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