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FAQs about capocollo

In the United States, you may hear about hot capocollo, which is an Americanized version of traditional capocollo. To create it, the meat will be seasoned using a hot red pepper to give the meat an extra kick. Hot capocollo is often found in gourmet delicatessens and is more costly than traditional capocollo. 

As with many types of meat, there are several ways to refer to capocollo, but each term could mean something slightly different. One reason for the variation in names is that many regions in Italy have their own versions of capocollo. 

Some regions will stuff the meat into an intestinal casing, use wine in the curing process, and use different spices than other regions. While they are all considered the same type of Italian meat, you may find a slight variation in flavor based on the processing methods. 

You may also find another capocollo, referred to as ham-capi or ham capocollo. While this meat is a spiced pork recipe, it is more of a cross between a capocollo and a ham. The ham is spiced and then boiled instead of cured. 

Often times capocollo will be confused with another thinly-sliced, cured pork meat called prosciutto. It also can be confused with other cured pork meats.

While all of the cured meats will go through a similar process where they are washed, salted, and dried, each meat will come from a different area of the pig. For example, the meat used for prosciutto is cut from the hind leg of the pig. The curing process will then take between nine months and two years. 

Speck is another form of thin-sliced cured meat, which comes from the pig's hind leg. Yet, instead of simply being cured, it will also be cold smoked once the curing process has been completed. Capocollo will be dry-cured for approximately two to four months, 

While all of the meats provide a smoky and salty flavor, the tastes are very distinctive. 

Whether you have already made capocollo a staple on your menu or are looking to try something new, Instacart shoppers can deliver capocollo to your home in as little as 2 hours straight from your local store! Next time you place your Instacart order, be sure to give the smoky and rich flavor of capocollo a try. Your taste buds won't regret it.