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The Instacart guide to tawny port wine products

With so many varieties of wine available, choosing the perfect bottle can be overwhelming. Different types of wines can be paired with certain foods to enhance flavors, while others are great in a glass all on their own. The grapes, aging process, and region can all affect how a wine tastes. Whether you're a wine aficionado or you just enjoy the occasional glass, learning more about how to choose a wine you'll love will ensure you enjoy every drop.

When considering the type of wine you want to buy, think about the food you might be eating with your wine. You can look for a simple guide that gives you some ideas on which wines pair well with certain foods. You'll also want to think about the occasion and people who will enjoy the wine with you. Some wines are better suited to a wider range of tastes, whereas others are only pleasing to a specific palate.

Keep your budget in mind as well. Depending on where you want to order your wine through the Instacart app, you might have many wine labels to select from. The price of a bottle of wine can vary significantly, from just a few dollars up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Add the wine that best fits your budget to your cart using the Instacart app.

If you're new to drinking wine, you probably don't want to spend too much on a bottle. On the same note, you don't want to spend too little, as less expensive wines may not have the quality you'll want when just learning about and first drinking wine. If you have a little more experience or consider yourself well-versed in buying wine, you can choose a type or a label that you love, but you'll still want to stick with your budget.

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FAQs about tawny port wine

While tawny port is aged in smaller wooden casks, ruby port is usually aged in larger steel casks. Another difference between these two wines is how long they're aged. Ruby port is a younger wine that is mass-produced. Ruby port also has a deeper red color, and it offers a fruitier taste. However, both are excellent sweet wines that pair perfectly with several desserts. Put a bottle of either option in your cart and let an Instacart shopper deliver it to you for your special occasion.

You already know that port wines are dessert wines and are often enjoyed with decadent treats, but there's more to it than that. Port wines are often served in a smaller wine glass and a smaller portion of around 3oz. When serving this wine, you want it to be slightly chilled, but not cold. Just below room temperature is perfect for enjoying tawny port wine.