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About Braeburn apples

The Braeburn apple was first discovered growing in the Braeburn Orchard in New Zealand in 1952. Braeburns are known as chance seedlings. They were not intentionally cultivated but created completely by nature. They are believed to be a relative of the Lady Hamilton and Granny Smith apple as both of these varieties were growing in the Braeburn Orchard at that time. Now you can find Braeburn apples growing in New Zealand, Chile, France, Italy, England, and the United States.

Oval in shape and medium to large in size, Braeburns are a great all-purpose apple with a strong flavor. They are the perfect apple for snacking. Their bi-colored skin has a yellow base that is covered with either red or pink color. The flesh of a Braeburn apple is pale yellow or gold in color, crisp and juicy, and sweet and tart in flavor. Similar in taste to a McIntosh apple, it also has subtle hints of spice, pear, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

This lovely sweet and sour apple pairs well with soft, mellow, or creamy cheeses, such as a Camembert or gouda. When served raw, baked, or roasted, they do well and complement both sweet and savory dishes. When serving raw, you can slice and add to salads and sandwiches or serve on a cheese board or fruit platter. 

Braeburn apples are one of the first modern apple varieties with a strong, yet juicy flavor. They are currently one of the top apples produced in Washington state and in New Zealand. These apples are easy to grow and easy to ship due to their resistance to bruising.

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FAQs About Braeburn Apples

Braeburn apples store well when they are kept dry and free from moisture. They last about five to seven days if stored at room temperature. If you plan on eating them quickly, you can store them in a fruit basket on your counter. This makes them easier to access for snacking. Beyond five to seven days, their quality begins to go downhill. Not only do they lose their flavor and their crispiness, but they'll also begin to get mushy. If you're not planning on using them right away or you're saving them for a recipe, it is suggested that they be stored in the refrigerator. Braeburn apples can last up to a month if stored properly in a cold, dry place.

The Braeburn apple is a very versatile fruit. Because it keeps its shape well when cooking, it makes a great apple for serving in baked recipes such as crunchy apple crisp, spiced brown sugar apple cake, homemade apple pie, caramel apple cheesecake, and cinnamon baked apples. For savory dishes, try roasting and serving over pork chops or with a pork roast. With their sweet and tart flavor, they make excellent apple juice and apple cider. You can also add them to breakfast casseroles, muffins, and oatmeal for a boost of added nutrition and sweetness. With their crunchy texture, they work well in Waldorf salads, chicken salad sandwiches, or added to tossed salads.

Yes, there are other apple varieties that can be used in any of the recipes mentioned above if you don't have Braeburn apples on hand. A few good options include the Granny Smith, Fuji, Pink Lady, and McIntosh. They don't have the exact same taste or flavor as a Braeburn, but they work well in baked recipes, cooked recipes, and as an all-purpose snack. 
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