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The Instacart guide to banana milk

Banana milk is a non-dairy milk alternative. As the name suggests, it's made primarily from bananas and water. However, ingredients vary significantly from one product to another. Some types of banana milk also contain other milk alternatives made from almonds or soy. While banana milk itself is gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free, you must check the ingredient label for each individual product to determine what's been added and whether it's safe to consume if you have a food allergy or sensitivity.

Banana milk is an intriguing choice for those looking for a dairy-free milk product. It has a natural sweetness that's often lacking in other non-dairy milk products, so you can enjoy an appealing flavor without having to rely on added sugars. Many brands use cinnamon to help balance the taste of their original banana milk flavor. This plant-based milk does retain the taste of the bananas it's made from, unlike pea milk and almond milk which are more flavorless. Other flavors of banana milk are available as well, such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mango.

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FAQs about banana milk

If you prefer to make banana milk yourself, you can do so at home with just a few simple ingredients that are available through Instacart. The simplest way to make banana milk is to blend a ripe banana with water. You might also choose to add other ingredients like flax seeds, nut butters, or chia seeds for added nutrients. However, keep in mind that these additions will make the banana milk thicker, giving you a consistency that's closer to a smoothie than to milk.

Korean banana milk is not the same as these non-dairy banana milk products. Korean banana milk is made using bananas, milk, water, and vanilla extract. Many people also add honey, maple syrup, or sweetened condensed milk for more sweetness in the finished product. To make your own Korean banana milk, blend a ripe banana with half a cup of water, half a cup of milk, and a drop of vanilla extract. Serve chilled and sweeten to taste.

Whether you're purchasing premade banana milk to drink on its own, stocking up on smoothie ingredients, or even looking to blend your own homemade banana milk, Instacart can help you get the ingredients that you need. Set up your account online or through the Instacart app, select your location, and start filling your cart with healthy finds from a participating store in your area.