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The Instacart guide to flat leaf parsley products

About flat leaf parsley

Flat leaf parsley, also called flat parsley or Italian parsley, is native to the Mediterranean. It has bright green, serrated leaves and small, greenish-yellow flowers. It was first cultivated in England in the 16th century, and today, people use it as an herb and a vegetable all over the world. The roots are edible, as well as the leaves. They look like white carrots, and people call them parsley roots or root parsley.

Flat leaf parsley is especially popular in American, European, and Middle Eastern cuisine. The word “parsley” comes from a Greek word that means “rock celery.” People have used parsley as a garnish since the Romans started placing it on their plates to protect their food from contamination. They also ate it after meals to freshen their breath.

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FAQs About Flat Leaf Parsley

You can make dried flat leaf parsley in your oven or by air-drying it. To dry in your oven, spread the whole stems and leaves on a baking sheet and dry them at 180 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes or until the leaves are completely dry. Check on them frequently to prevent overcooking. You can also hang bunches of flat leaf parsley upside down in a cool, dry place for two to three weeks. After drying, crumble the leaves over a bowl, discard the stems, and store the dried leaves in an airtight container.

Curly leaf parsley is from the same plant species, but it has curly, more textured leaves and a milder flavor. People usually use it as a garnish. Cilantro, also called coriander, has a much stronger flavor than parsley. The leaves are a lighter color, and they're less shiny.

Flat leaf parsley is very low in calories. It also contains various important nutrients, including folate or folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A.
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