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About button mushrooms

A button mushroom generally looks like a tiny umbrella, having a dense parasol-like cap connected to a stem that can be short and thin or thick and slightly curvy. There are three different kinds of button mushrooms — Portobello mushrooms, crimini mushrooms, and white mushrooms — all of which share the same specific name, Agaricus Bisporus. The most common type among the three is the white mushroom, a cream-colored mushroom that typically adorns salads and is often one to three inches across.

White mushrooms, also known as table mushrooms, have a meaty texture with a mild earthy flavor. On the other hand, the crimini mushrooms, which look just like the buttons but are coffee-colored, have a stronger and more distinctive flavor. The Portobello mushrooms, which are actually overgrown crimini mushrooms, are about eight inches across and have a meaty flavor that makes them a great vegetarian entree.

Button mushrooms are low-calorie, versatile vegetables. With their delicate and mild taste, they complement other flavors well. That's why they can be prepared in several ways. Button mushrooms are cultivated in a controlled environment that is typically kept dark, moist, and warm, as well as free of other fungi that may damage the mushrooms.

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