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The Instacart guide to snapper fillets

About snapper fillets

Snapper fillets are typically American red snapper, which is a Caribbean fish found along the Atlantic coast. Red snapper has metallic skin that's pink to red in color. This fish has a firm texture and flaky white flesh. Its taste is mild and easy to pair with a wide range of flavors. Red snapper has a moderately sweet taste and isn't usually considered "fishy" tasting like other seafood types.

The term red snapper is sometimes used in reference to West Coast rockfish or other types of redfish. It's important to check packaging and labels carefully to determine exactly what you're buying. It's a violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to mislabel fish, so any erroneous reference to snapper would be subtle. Red snapper is superior to the other fish that are sometimes mistaken for it.

Though a red snapper in the wild can grow to as much as 35 pounds, red snappers are typically sold around 2 to 5 pounds. Smaller is better with this fish, as it indicates a lower mercury content. Red snapper is often sold whole. If you're purchasing fillets, you should make sure that they still have the skin on. This fish tends to fall apart when the skin is removed, making it much more difficult to cook.

Red snapper is typically wild-caught. This means that it's caught in the ocean by fishermen. Wild-caught fish are free from antibiotics and carry a lower risk of disease or infection. If the packaging does not specify that the fish was wild-caught, it may be farm-raised. Farm-raised snapper solves the potential problem of overfishing, which is a concern with this species. Farm-raised fish may also contain higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids due to the added nutrients in their feed.

Another term you may see on the packaging for snapper fillets is "previously frozen." This indicates that the fish was frozen soon after it was caught. If you're purchasing it thawed, make sure you're shopping at a well-known store where you're confident that the fish was defrosted properly to ensure food safety. You can refreeze these fillets only if they've been thawed for no more than two days.

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