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The Instacart guide to fennel leaf products

About fennel leaves

Fennel is a perennial herb and member of the carrot family gaining popularity around the world. Like anise, fennel boasts a distinct licorice flavor that adds dimension to recipes and health benefits for the consumer. Considered a natural remedy, fennel is high in vitamin C and potassium, with lower concentrations of many other vitamins and minerals. Recipes that call for parsley or tarragon work very well with fennel, too. 

Originally found in the Mediterranean, fennel soon gained popularity in Italy, Germany, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Middle East. Today, the use of fennel continues to grow and is now cultivated all over the globe. The US supply of fennel comes from California and Arizona. 

The fennel plant reaches heights of up to six feet and grows in temperate climates during fall and winter. It has a pale green or white bulb with firm green stalks, similar to celery. Feathery leaves or fronds cover each fennel stalk. As the plant over-ripens, it develops yellow flowers and seeds. The entire plant is edible: bulb, stalk, leaves, flowers, seeds.

Fennel's storied history is reflected in its ancient uses:
  • Greeks and Romans used fennel for medicine, food, and insect repellant. 
  • Greek warriors drank fennel tea before battle because they thought it gave them courage. 
  • Legend says Prometheus used a giant stalk of fennel to conceal and carry fire from Mount Olympus to humankind on earth. 
  • The emperor Charlemagne required fennel cultivation on all imperial farms for its healing properties.
Sometimes referred to as fronds, the fennel leaves look similar to fresh dill in both appearance and texture. The leaves are light and wispy, with a feather-like look and feel. Although the taste of the bulb is more intense, fennel leaves have a delicate licorice flavor. Since the flavor is less robust, fennel leaves may be more palatable than the bulb or stalk, especially for those who aren't big fans of black licorice. 

Fennel leaves are versatile and consumed raw, juiced, sauteed, roasted, or added to soups and sauces. Frozen, chopped, or minced fennel leaves are perfect additions to vegetable stock. Choose from whole fresh or packaged fennel, or dried fennel leaves.

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FAQs About Fennel Leaves

Although their concentrations are lower, fennel leaves contain the same vitamins and minerals as the rest of the plant. Fennel is widely used for its health benefits, including as an anti-inflammatory and for bone health. In addition to Vitamin C and potassium, fennel is rich in:
  • Iron 
  • Fiber
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

You might look at whole fennel and wonder whether there is a specific way to remove the leaves, but the method is quite simple. The best way to remove the thin, feathery leaves from the fennel stalk is simply to pull. Keep a firm grasp on the bulb while you pull the leaves from the stalk. Consider freezing the stalk for future use in vegetable broth or stock.

Fresh fennel lasts for up to a week in the refrigerator. Chop or mince fennel bulb, stalk, or the leaves and freeze in individual bags. Defrost a bag each time you make soup or stock. Follow package directions for dried fennel to learn storage suggestions and expiration dates.

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