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About purple cabbage

Purple cabbage belongs to the genus of plants identified as Brassica. The ordinarily dark red or purple leaves change color depending on the soil's pH value. Acidic soils result in redder rather than purple leaves. In a neutral pH soil, the leaves have a deeper purple, and alkaline soil produces greenish-yellow leaves. Thus, you'll find this same cabbage goes by different color names in various regions. 

Purple cabbage grows well just about everywhere in Europe, China, Africa, and the Americas. The seasonal purple cabbage plant needs only fertile soil and humidity to thrive. Seeding begins in Spring, and the mature plant gets harvested in the Fall.

Also known as red cabbage, this nutrient-rich vegetable has many uses. Purple cabbage has a similar flavor profile as green cabbage but more nutrients. The purple cabbage's versatility allows for raw consumption or cooked in various ways like steaming or included in your favorite stir-fry recipe. You can even pickle or ferment the purple cabbage for a distinctive flavor.

Shredding the purple cabbage and including it in your favorite salad adds a peppery crunch. You can add the shredded purple cabbage to coleslaw. Braising purple cabbage with a bit of red wine, vinegar, and a few of your favorite root vegetables like carrots and beets makes a delicious side dish. When cooked, the color changes to blue unless you add vinegar or acidic fruit. Many cooks like to steam purple cabbage and use it as part of a stuffing mix for dumplings and potstickers. The bright purple leaves make an excellent garnish for any dish.

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