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Atemoya is a hybrid of two different fruits from the same family: the sugar apple and the cherimoya, also known as the custard apple. Both fruits originate in the tropical regions of the Americas, and it is thought that the original natural hybrids of the two fruits occurred in Venezuela, with further reports coming from Israel in the early 20th century. The two plants were then crossed in a Miami laboratory in 1908 by a horticulturist named P.J. Wester. 

When the results proved extra sweet and delicious, the resulting fruit was named ate from an old Mexican word for a sugar apple with the addition of moya to include the cherimoya. The fruit was not only prized for its exceptional flavor, but the hybrid also proved hardier than regular sugar apples. The seeds of the new fruit also germinated at lower temperatures than sugar apples. This is attributed to the cherimoya's ability to grow at lower temperatures, a fact which is reflected in its name, which means 'cold seed' in Quechuan.

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