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About pollock steaks

You might have gotten your first taste of pollock at a Friday fish fry or after ordering fish sticks and chips at a restaurant. Pollock is one of only a couple of fish recommended for deep frying for those particular dishes. Cod, which is in the same family as pollock, is the other fish that's frequently used for fish fry or fish and chips. While great for frying, pollock steaks can also be prepared in many delicious ways, providing you and your family with the health benefits of a popular and nutritionally dense fish.

Native to the North Atlantic Ocean, pollock can grow quite large, reaching as much as 3.5 feet long and weighing close to 50 pounds. There are only two species of pollock. The second species is known as the coalfish and is generally only marketed within the United Kingdom. As a member of the whitefish family, pollock produces flaky, white meat. The fish is available both fresh and frozen in most supermarkets.

Pollock steaks can be a centerpiece in any number of delicious dishes. Some of the most popular pollock recipes include garlic butter poached pollock, sauteed wild Alaska pollock with parmesan cheese, Alaska pollock with noodles, lemon-dill pollock, and pan-fried pollock fillet on a bed of pureed potatoes. Pollock steaks can also be cooked and sliced or shredded to be added to tacos, salads, or other types of meals. One thing you should not do is eat pollock raw. It is deemed by most authorities not safe to do so.

A single serving of pollock provides about 140 calories. It is extremely high in protein and modest in its sodium content, so it will not be too salty. It is extremely high in vitamin B12 and also provides a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which help mitigate inflammation and promote a healthy heart.

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