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The Instacart guide to Sherry wine

Unlike most wines, Sherry wines have a “protected designation of origins status.” This means all wines listed as Sherry wines must come from the Sherry triangle, located in the area of Cadiz, Spain. Sherry wine is a sweet white wine made from the Palomino grape. This light white wine has some darker variations, depending on how long they have been left to age in a barrel. The older the wine, the darker it will appear when poured.

Sherry is generally a sweet dessert wine and is also often used for cooking. The Palomino grapes were originally sourced in the city of Jerez de la Frontiera, and still are today. Jerez has quite a long history with winemaking, dating back to 1100 BCE when the Phoenicians introduced winemaking. For a brief moment in history, the town was also called Sherish, which explains Sherry's name.

By the end of the 16th century, Sherry was known all around Europe as one of the finest white wines available. In 1894, the phylloxera insect devastated the vines in Jerez. Some vineyards were replanted elsewhere, but many were completely lost, diminishing the world supply of Sherry at the time. 

Once Palomino grapes are harvested, they are pressed for their must. The first must will produce Fino or Manzanilla Sherry wines. Sherry then ages best in oak barrels. Once bottled, it is recommended to drink it rather soon as it does not continue to age well once removed and bottled. Fino and Manzanilla Sherry wines are so delicate, they should be drunk immediately after opening and not left for days before consuming. These are the driest versions of Sherry. The sweeter versions may keep for a few more days after opening. 

Since 1933, European wines labeled as Sherry must come from the Sherry triangle in Spain. However, there are sherry wines made in North America that are very different and are actually not able to even be exported to the entire European Union. 

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FAQs Sherry wine

Sherry is a white wine with a rather high alcohol content. It can vary from light to dark, and dry to sweet. It can be used as a dessert wine or as a complement to canapés and appetizers. It is generally nutty and fruity in taste. It is a fortified wine, similar to Port.

Yes, in addition to the Palomino grapes, which are the most popular for Sherry wines, winemakers may also use Muscat of Alexandria and Pedro Jimenez grape varieties. However, Palomino grapes produce the driest Sherry wines. The other two varieties tend to produce much sweeter wines.

Once the wine has fermented and aged in the oak barrels for about a year, it is then sampled and classified to determine where it will go. There are 3 classifications a Sherry wine may receive: fino, oloroso, or discarded. This system helps to maintain a consistent level of taste among the various types of Sherry wines.