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FAQs Sherry wine

Sherry is a white wine with a rather high alcohol content. It can vary from light to dark, and dry to sweet. It can be used as a dessert wine or as a complement to canapés and appetizers. It is generally nutty and fruity in taste. It is a fortified wine, similar to Port.

Yes, in addition to the Palomino grapes, which are the most popular for Sherry wines, winemakers may also use Muscat of Alexandria and Pedro Jimenez grape varieties. However, Palomino grapes produce the driest Sherry wines. The other two varieties tend to produce much sweeter wines.

Once the wine has fermented and aged in the oak barrels for about a year, it is then sampled and classified to determine where it will go. There are 3 classifications a Sherry wine may receive: fino, oloroso, or discarded. This system helps to maintain a consistent level of taste among the various types of Sherry wines.