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The Instacart guide to lychees

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FAQs about lychees

Lychees are packed with healthy nutrients. These fruits contain vitamins B and C, potassium, and polyphenols. Polyphenols are great antioxidants that help prevent early aging, arthritis, and degenerative diseases. Lychees also contain manganese, iron, and folate that aid the production of red blood cells and help maintain blood pressure. The flavonoids found in this fruit effectively inhibit cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Lychee fruits contain high amounts of dietary fiber, which promotes heart health, aids digestion, and increases metabolism.

Lychees are best eaten raw to ensure they retain their original and unique flavor. You can also eat lychee on its own or pair it with tropical fruits such as passion fruits, pineapples, mangos, or coconuts. These fruits also blend well in summer drinks and make great cocktails such as lychee Martinis, Mimosas, and Mojitos. Lychee also makes sweet additions to fruit or green salads and smoothies. You can also boil them with sugar and water to make syrup for ice cream and sweet tea. Lychee desserts are extraordinarily flavorsome.

Lychee skin should be bright-colored without any blemishes or soft spots. If its skin is too soft, chances are it's overripe. Be keen to notice any cracks on its shell, liquid secretions, an acidic smell, and fermentation taste. Dark spotting on the skin indicates damaged flesh on the inside. Flesh that is yellow-brown instead of translucent shows that the lychee is fermenting.