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About Bosc pears

During the time of the Bosc pear's discovery, European convention was to use a two-name system for naming pears. The first name was to identify the fruit's character, while the second name referenced the fruit's origin or propagator. However, the Bosc pear goes by several different names because its origin remains in contention to this day. The discovery of the Bosc pear occurred in the early 1800s. Some historians argue it was raised from seed by French horticulturist Louis Bosc in Belgium. Others insist it appeared in Appremont, France, with an ancient tree's discovery.

The Buerre Bosc name identifies it as a "buttery" pear discovered by Louis Bosc, while the Buerre d'Apremont variety identifies it as originating in the French town Appremont. Another name, the Calabasse Bosc, identifies it as gourd-shaped. Some countries call the Bosc pear Kaiser Alexander, further confusing the issue.

The Bosc pear was first cultivated on the eastern coast of the United States in 1833. Growers soon discovered that the trees thrived in the soil and climate of the Pacific Northwest. Currently, the Bosc pear grows predominantly in the states of Oregon and Washington. 

The Bosc pear has a very distinctive appearance. A long, curved stem, elongated neck, and fully rounded bottom give the Bosc an elegant profile, often depicted in paintings from renowned artists. Bosc pears are known for their russeting, usually occurring over the entire surface and resulting in a warm brown color. 

The flesh has a firm, dense crispness and a complex flavor with honey-sweet juiciness when fully ripe. The Bosc pear has the unique distinction of gaining sweetness before becoming fully ripe. At this stage, the Bosc pear works well in poaching, baking, and broiling recipes where the flesh remains firm yet sweet.

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