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The Instacart guide to Red Prince apples

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FAQs about Red Prince apples

The bright red skin of the Red Prince apple boasts high antioxidants. It also carries a unique flavor combination with a sweetness compared to the Golden Delicious, and a tangy crispness like a Red Jonathan. The Red Prince apple also stores well. Thanks to its cellar maturation process, it keeps its enviable crisp bite. Because it's grown in Ontario, it's available in the summer and winter, whereas most other apples are harvested in the fall.

Red Prince apples won't make you choose between baking, cooking, or snacking. They are a divine addition to baked goods and delicious when cooked and served over breakfast pastries, like waffles, pancakes, or French toast. They have enough body to cook well into soups or potatoes au gratin, or you can stuff a chicken breast for added moisture and a delicate sweetness. If cooked apples aren't for you, no worries. They add a marvelous crunch when added to chicken wraps, overnight oats, or salad. Apple slices are also a great snack with some slices of cheddar cheese, a bit of strawberry Greek yogurt for dipping, or even a nut butter of your choice.

The cultivar for the Red Prince apple is Red Jonaprince. The variety was a mutation, and the Princen brothers, based in Weert, which sits along the German-Dutch border, discovered this apple in 1994. The red color inspired the family, so they trademarked it as the Red Prince in Canada in 2012. They made their Canada debut in Ontario, but now they're also being grown in Quebec and the Maritimes.