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FAQs about kumquats

Kumquats can last longer if kept in the coolness of the fridge. They last about two weeks in the humid produce drawer. You can also use an open bowl with water or in a cloth or bag to reduce drying.

Kumquats are full of vitamin C, which is important in repairing body tissue. They are also 80% water, so they are very hydrating, and the high fiber content helps with digestion. They also have a bit of vitamin A, calcium, and manganese.

Besides eating kumquats fresh or in marmalades, you can also add them to fruit smoothies, salads, or as a garnish to various dishes. You can also make candied kumquat, preserve them whole, infuse them into your favorite liquor recipe or make a syrup out of them. There are many ways to infuse the kumquat flavor into desserts and jellies.