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About kumquats

Kumquats are not a fruit found commonly in grocery stores. They can be at times confused for an orange, as they have a similar color and shape. Kumquats, though, are smaller, about the size of a large olive, and more oval in form. In the United States, this tart, sweet and petite citrus fruit grows primarily in Florida and California.

Kumquats are mostly eaten whole with the peel and fresh. The skin is where the sweetness of the kumquat is, and, therefore, unlike other citrus fruits, it's best to eat them with the peel on. The flesh is usually on the sour side, so the combination of sour and sweet give it a unique tart taste.

The name kumquat is derived from the Cantonese "kamkwat," which means golden mandarin orange. In fact, the kumquat tree is native to China, where the earliest documentation of the fruit goes back to the 12th century. Like Japan, the Philippines, and India, other parts of Asia have also grown kumquats for a long time. Kumquat was introduced into Europe by Robert Fortune in 1846 and closely after was introduced in North America.

Kumquats grow in short trees or shrubs that range from eight to 15 feet tall with dark green leaves that have a glossy touch. A kumquat tree can produce hundreds to thousands of fruits per year. Some well-known kumquat varieties, including the round kumquat, have a golden-yellow fruit with a sour center. It's made to use marmalades and jellies. The oval kumquat is mostly eaten whole with the skin. Its interior is sour with sweet skin. The Centennial Variegated kumquat has a green color with yellow stripes.

Meiwa kumquat is from China and was introduced in Japan in the 19th century. This fruit is also eaten whole. The Jiangsu kumquat is bright orange when ripe and can be eaten raw, while the Malaysian kumquat has a thin skin with larger fruit and is from the Malay peninsula. The Hong Kong kumquat is primarily an ornamental plant given the fact the plant produces a small and bitter fruit. This variety is described as the most primitive and, therefore, an ancestral plant of the other varieties.

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