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The Instacart guide to pork short ribs

About pork short ribs

When we think of eating pork short ribs, images of juicy meat covered in tangy and sweet barbecue sauce come to mind. Pork ribs are prepared by cutting and smoking, grilling, or baking a pig's ribs with the meat on the bone. Most pork short ribs come smothered in some form of barbecue sauce. The ribs contain a large amount of connective tissue, which makes them tough to eat. Hence, they are best served after being slow-cooked to make them juicy and tender as can be.

There are a couple of variations of pork ribs, including short ribs, sometimes referred to as spare ribs for pork products, St. Louis-style ribs, and baby back ribs. Pork short ribs come from the lower section of the pig's rib cage, where it extends around the belly area and then attaches to the sternum. They are prized for their fatty meat, though they're not as fatty as back ribs. A 1/2 rack of pork short ribs will get you between six to eight meaty ribs, and a full rack will get you between 11 to 13 succulent short ribs.

St. Louis-style pork short ribs are basically the same as normal spareribs, but the butchers have cleaned them up a little, so they present in a uniform size. The chewy cartilage and hard pieces of breastbone are removed, making them easier to handle because they tend to be a bit thinner and flatter.

Back ribs differ slightly from short ribs as they come from higher on the back of the pig. Baby ribs are what's left after a butcher removes the bone of a pork rib loin chop. Pork back ribs generally have eight to 13 ribs and run about 3 to 6 inches long.

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